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Arranging a Convenient Piano Moving Appointment

At Kunis Piano Moving LLC, we take pride in performing our work. Our reliable team is here to assist you with scheduling your piano move.

Getting a Price Quote and Scheduling Your Move

In order for us to provide you with the best possible service, we will need to know some key information about your move.
Things we will need to know in order to give you a price quote
  • Type Piano ( is it a vertical or grand? )
  • Size ( height if vertical and length if grand ) ( this has great bearing on price and exact measurements are important )
  • Current location of piano ( city & state for quote, street address for scheduling )
  • Destination location ( city & state for quote, street address for scheduling )
  • Number of stairs at each location ( up or down ) ( also important for pricing - exact counts are important )
  • Is there a paved path to the door?
Contact our crew to receive an estimate for your piano moving.